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. >> going down to the university of massachusetts at dart mouth: i don't know i understand in his freshman year he in college he was less friendly than he had been in high school indicating that the raddization, the muslim fund mentionist ideals that the old brother tamerlan inculcating began to take hold. when he came back, tamerlan, it is also interesting to note that's when he began putting his videos on youtube. that's where he began referencing these radical imams. that's where he began truly to get hard core in terms it of his ideology, his hatred of the west. his hatred of decadent
in massachusetts do you want some chech thans to chechnyas to come into the country? we weren't asked but we have to pick up the tab and then they turn around and do. this it's extremely frustrating. they have not only ruined marathon day, this group has ruined the entire week. they have destroyed people's lives.
was in public safety in massachusetts for a few years and there was nothing like this in my time there. there's all this activity. this is just -- it's hard for people to forget what happened on monday for just a moment. this in and of itself is at least a big deal for the city. in particular, for watertown, which is a very, very quiet suburb. so it is very rare. that's why you're seeing all this activity and all these precautions. >>> all right. i want to take a moment now to update people who are tuning in right now, both domestically and internationally. we're coming to you live from boston, massachusetts. obviously, this is the site just a couple blocks away from where i'm standing where the terrorist attacks took place at the boston marathon, killing three individuals and maiming dozens of other individuals. this evening, the fbi, law enforcement here in boston massachusetts released new photographs, images of two individual suspects wanted for questioning. they're presumed armed and extremely dangerous. those who see them are asked not to try to apprehend them or approach them. two new
the in massachusetts. they had two knapsacks which he held at one point and said it was heavier than he thought and drove them close to their home in cambridge. i suspect that the and other officials, law enforcement community, are following up that clue but that might suggest that the bombs werenearby malden. what would you make of >> i thiher out there practicing with the firing devices, or they pic i heyad be carrying them to rural massachusetts,"j outside of town. it just doesn't jake it comes back to the fact that i've played with these things a long time, 35m go off in an like this wanta bomb to be a dud because the plo is to happens, purposes their pu be to have them need a bomb maker to do it. or someone with a lot of practice. otherwise, these just don't go after with thatanage to make happen. >> bob baer thank you so much. i to bring in judge michael mukasey, a former attorney general in the bush administration. judge mukasey, you say way these two suspects acted alone. you also wrote in thewall street journal" will that this is an act of jih obama administration n
to a completely different puzzle. obviously, there's a huge interest in what is going on in boston, massachusetts, this evening and the surrounding area because of the investigation into the terrorist attacks here on monday in which three individuals were killed and many others were wounded and maimed. this evening at roughly 5:15, 5:30 p.m. eastern time, law enforcement officials put out the photographs, the images of two individuals who are suspects in the terrorist attacks on monday. since then another image, one that was found on facebook and authenticated by "the new york times" has emerged with a better photographic image of one of those suspects. now, perhaps entirely unrelated, at roughly 10:30 this evening, an officer was killed on the campus of mi.t. in cambridge, massachusetts. in addition in cambridge, there was a carjacking that may or may not have been related to the officer killed. then in addition, not long after that, in watertown, massachusetts, one suspect was apprehended. the fbi has been present and the significance for international viewers who may not know this, the fbi is
, is drew griffin there? is he in watertown, massachusetts right now? watert massachusetts, right now? >> reporter: yes, jake, i can hear you. i can hear you in watertown where the situation -- go ahead. >> please tell us, what are you seeing in watertown? >> reporter: jake, the situation is pretty much the same has it has been for the last hour or so. a significant presence down the street of police. we do have additional video of the suspect that was brought into custody here clothed, and we are hoping we can show that video. this is the suspect that was brought into custody here in watertown. we only know that it's related to whatever did happen here in watertown. we don't want to draw any conclusions to this man, but we do know the fbi was questioning this man. they took him out of the car twice and put him up against a wall, appeared to photograph him, and then placed him back into a car. as far as we know, that suspect is still being held in a police car not far from where i am standing. we understand that one other suspect is still on the loose apparently in watertown and that
massachusetts and none has been fruitful to this point*. there is much left to be done including ballistics and forensics were concluded embossed in the next two days we also have the forensic team with the unexplored did items that were made safer over the afternoon. that is ongoing but should be completed shortly. we will drawback the tactical teams, but the state police will provide additional patrols to the town of watertown over the next two or three days. for the neighbors and the citizens of this community we will have an additional state police augmenting those neighborhoods, three shifts per day through monday. i want to emphasize it is a complicated investigation led by the fbi. our presence today was about the safety of the people in the community. we're confident we did that to the best of our ability unfortunately we don't have a positive result at this point*. but for the sake of everyone that was hurt or killed during the marathon or those police officers that lost their life or seriously injured, we are committed to seeing a conclusion to this case. thank you. >> in light of
from around the world. the massachusetts police are due to hold a press conference as nbc learns the extensive police operation under way in watertown, massachusetts, is linked to the marathon bombings monday night in boston. >>> 3r069s beat, but revenues miss. microsoft, ibm and google are all out with mixed numbers last night after the bell. >> gamny's sap missed first quarter operating revenues as its performance in asia slip. if i look at the pipeline and the business out there, we have a very, very solid business also in asia pacific. >> and european stocks are higher this morning, despite wall street being on track to post its worst in a year. the jab niece finance minister is insisting his counterpart wholeheartedly back japan's stimulus. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> welcome to "worldwide exchange" this morning. we will bring you the latest business news. we are, also, also watching events under way in watertown, miss massachusetts, this morning. you're looking there at footage, watertown, massachu
and possibly murder charges in massachusetts. we have also learned more about the shootout early friday in watertown that led the other suspect, his older brother, dead. the police chief told cnn that officers found handguns, a rifle and at least six bombs including one made from a pressure cooker at the scene. he also said that during the gun battle, the surviving suspect drove a stolen car toward officers and ended up dragging his own brother down the street. investigators now also saying the evidence suggests the brothers acted alone. meanwhile, at least 57 bombing victims are still in the hospital. two of them in critical condition. >> in just about two hours, the university of massachusetts at dartmouth is set to reopen the campus where 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student. it was evacuated friday as authorities tried to track down the bombing suspect. he was found in watertown. but school officials confirm tsarnaev had been back on campus after the attack. chris lawrence is there this morning. what are students saying this morning? >> reporter: they are still in shock. we'r
is on the run, if he has slapped the noose in cambridge, massachusetts, he is looking for people he can hang out with and hide out with, and if he was a student at that school, he knows people town there, and not taking any chance to allow him to take refuge down there, just like they told the residents of watertown, massachusetts to stay inside. if anybody comes buy and knocks on the door, don't answer the door. all this developing. let's bring you up to date now. a little after 3:00 on the east coast. it appears one suspect in the boston marathon terror attacks is still on the run. throughout this hour you'll see this phone number on the right side of the screen if you see that suspect, fbi agents want you to call them, 1- 1-800-call-fbi. swat teams combing through homes and businesses, just 20 minutes away from the marathon finish line. a distance of ten miles. that's where police engaged in a shootout that left one of the suspects, the older one, dead. more on that in a moment. but during their last update. police said the man hunt was still ongoing, this from police. >> progressing through
neighborhood so please give us that leeway. we'll be back shortly. thank you. >> thank you. >> massachusetts governor deval patrick and others speaking this morning. for some of you, "cbs this morning" continues. for the rest of you, stay tuned to your local news on this cbs station. we also have continuing coverage on this has been a cbs news special report. i'm charlie rose in new york. >>> as charlie said that was a special cbs news report. now, just to do a recap for you, we did hear from massachusetts governor deval patrick who just talked about some of the incidents that happened last night. he also said that there's a massive manhunt. all public transit service in the area has been suspended as they look for suspect 2. >> it's incredible. they basically have shut down the city of boston. five surrounding communities around watertown, which is about five or six miles to the west of boston, we have cambridge right next to that and they told everyone to shelter in place. stay there. let the police -- there's three or 4,000 different officials going down trying to find this g
, that is where they all seem to have converged, very much what appears to be main street watertown, massachusetts. so you just have to wonder what has drawn the police to this very central area of watertown, massachusetts right now. as i say we did hear that one explosion, don't know if it was an explosion or gunfire. it was a limited -- it was just that one loud noise that we heard, at least from the vantage point that we could hear it from, but clearly there is a very, very -- just around the corner from where you're looking right now is a very heavy concentration of armored vehicles. so clearly the police are keeping everybody well back from that location right now, and we will see if indeed they are onto something here. we've had a couple of false alarms. the the police have as well. they are taking everything extremely seriously because they want more than anything right now to bring this second younger suspected accomplice into custody so that they can learn exactly where all of this came from and hopefully bring him in alive. that is the goal of the police in boston right now. fbi is on th
, massachusetts. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer as our coverage continues here near copley square downtown boston, the back bay. near the scene of the explosion monday afternoon. now we have confirmation. if you're just joining us or waking us this morning, suspect number one, age 26 with roots out of chechnya and russia is dead. suspect number two said to be his 19-year-old property is still at the moment on the loose. there is massive manhunt around the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts, to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. again i'm bill hemmer. i welcome my colleague martha maccallum also with us from new york. martha, good morning it you. martha: good morning bill. good morning everybody. we know so much more this morning than yesterday at this time, certainly. you see on the right-hand side of the screen who we know were properties. the one on the right is thought to be the leader in this. the 26-year-old brother tamarlin. we believe this is a pick sure of. jokar as a younger boy. you wonder where the radical nature beg
that on the streets now in massachusetts. at this time suspect number two in the white hat on your screen there -- these photos were revealed yesterday by the f.b.i. -- the guy on the left still on the loose. residents of watertown, massachusetts -- a suburb of boston -- told to stay inside. do not come out of your homes. keep your doors locked. do not let anyone in. police say they believe this is men who have come here to kill people. terrorists who came to kill americans. >>brian: came here to kill people. jennifer griffin standing by. it started before 11:00 last night when an m.i.t. campus police officer was shot and killed, this after responding to a report of a disturbance on campus. a short time later police responding to a carjacking at a convenience store that led to a chase into the streets of a watertown neighborhood. there were reports of explosives being detonated. >>eric: we want to acknowledge our affiliates who are with us also. we want to go to bill hemmer. you've been there all morning long reporting from the scene of the boston bombings. what's the latest? set the scen
of massachusetts. >> there's an enormous presence of federal, state and also local law enforment agencies working very much hand hand and pulling in the same direction. that's important. i think as chief executive my job is to make sure they have the resources they need and to step back and give them the space they need to do what they must do. and we as citizens, i think have to be patient with that the other thing on the comforter side is to assure people of that about which i am confident which is that we will heal. we will be strong and we will be a sustaining community even through arage like this one. >> rose: we kin this evening with mike barnicle of msnbc's morning joe kevin cullen of "boston globe" and john miller of cbs. >> if they think they will get us they don't know much. we care in boston about politics, sports and revenge. the revenge is the laughter of our children. these guys don't knowwhat ty did. every cop i talked to today, just hard looks and people are ready. and i have no doubt they'll identify who did this. boston is a tough town. it's the kind of town where people take
by the f.b.i. but with contributions not only from boston, massachusetts, but also of agencies of federal government looking for the person or persons who did it. and asking the question: what do boston and other cities do to make their citizens as safe as possible? we begin with the president of the united states who spoke this morning at 11:30. >> any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. what we don't yet know, however, who is who carried out this attack or why, whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization foreign or domestic or was the act of a ma malevolent individual? >> rose: this afternoon there was a press difference by governor patrick and state and local officials, including f.b.i. officials in charge of the investigation. >> at this time there are no claims of responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remains wide open. importantly the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker or relative. we're asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or date of april 15 in anyway that i
of the water town, massachusetts. this all started last night with reports of a fatal shooting and an attempted robbery in the 10:00 hour. a wild police chase ensued with the two suspects lobbing homemade bombs at police. a terrifying fire fight in the middle of the street around 1:30 this morning eastern standard time. [ gun shots ] >> bill: the older brother identified as suspect number one age 26 tamerian tsarnaev was killed in the fight. but dzhokar tsarnaev escaped at that pint. then they locked the area down tight. police in watertown, belmont, newton, camden, telling residents to stay in doors. transit system is shut down. buses aren't running, trains aren't running. businesses told to shut their doors for the day and police are going door to door trying to find suspect number two. they say he is armed and dangerous. his father not only does he believe his sons are innocent but they are supposed guilt is part of a larger american plot. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who they did. they framed them and cowardly they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that. >> bill:
with anything before they have anything. >>> it is 4:00 in boston, massachusetts. we are a few blockspley square. it is 4:00 in boston and 1:00 on the west coast. welcome back to our continuing coverage on the fox newschannel. it is the events in the boston marathon and watertown, massachusetts. let's set the stage for you. we are downtown at boston's back bay. we are a few blocks from the bombing that happened on monday at 2:tift local time. 2:50 local time. watertown is 10 miles west of here near the campus of mit, one of the most press stey yous engineering schools in the world. there is heavy police activity in this area for four to five hours running after a call came in. there were gunshots and the s.w.a.t team moved in. this is a scene still considered active. boston police talking about watertown massachusetts residents to stay where they are and not go outside. wees work throw the information mike levine is with me. mike, your information has been inavailable. what can you report here tonight? >> the latest i am hearing, and perhaps it is stating the obvious, but federal law enforcement
it all began early in the evening with a shooting in cambridge, massachusetts, where an m.i.t. campus police officer was shot and killed. we are going to continue to follow this big breaking story, of course, stay with us for continuing coverage. this story. stay with us for continuing coverage. >>> we continue to cover this breaking news out of the boston, massachusetts, area. officials believe that there is a strong possibility that they have now zeroed in on the suspects related to the boston marathon bombings. it all began with a sequence of events last night. it started with a shooting on the campus of m.i.t. where a m.i.t. campus police officer was responding to a report of disturbance where he was shot multiple times and killed. then, an outbust in watertown, two suspects engaged in a firefight with law enforcements. witnesses reported hearing at least three blast. one eyewitness we spoke to said that he saw the suspects tossing what appeared to be hand grenaded and a pressure cooker bomb at law enforcement officials. i want to bring now in nbc's justice corresponde
overnight in watertown, massachusetts. police had been alerted to reports of an earlier shooting and carjacking. when they arrived on scene, they were fired on. officers say they think they found the gunman who carried out the boston bombing. >> we believe these are the same individuals as possible for the bombing on monday of the boston marathon. we believe they are the risk -- they are responsible for the death of an mit police officer. this is a serious situation we are dealing with. >> people described seeing and hearing the suspects throwing explosives at police and opening fire. >> you heard a loud boom and then a rapid succession of pop, pop, pop. it's out of like automatic weapons. then i heard a second explosion, and there was the smell of something burning in the air. >> one man who lives close to the incident got a clear view of the suspects. >> they also had what looked to be like a pressure cooker bomb, and i had about as clear a line of view of that from about 30 to 40 feet away. >> the standoff began when the suspect in the white hat robbed a convenience store near
news from watertown, massachusetts. where the latest word is that authorities, we believe, have suspect number 2 in the boston marathon bombing surrounded at 57 -- on a street in watertown, massachusetts in the backyard in a boat which was covered by a canvas. it's now the belief that that suspect was injured in the shootout which happened overnight last night and now authorities are trying to bring this man into custody. we have every reason to believe that this situation is quickly winding down and that the nightmare that has been the last five days in boston may be, at least this chapter soon over. it's bill o'reilly's hour on the fox news channel. and now tonight on fox broadcast stations across the station. bill, good evening. >> bill: shepard, thank you very much. this is a special edition of the o'reilly factor. it's a dramatic story line today and extending into the night in boston. anything could happen at any time. so what we are going to do is pop in and out of the live coverage up there. we are going to go back to our affiliate channel 25 in boston doing a very very good job
week to this prison medical facility in deven devens, massachusetts, 40 miles from where i'm standing. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information
-- the traffic has been suspended north of boston. it is not going into boston. the massachusetts bay -ransportation authority close the subway system in the boston area. earlier this morning. did city suspended taxi service but just restored in the last half-hour. bus service in the city remained suspended as well. we talked about the amtrak service. the faa, the federal aviation administration issued a temporary file restriction over a section of the boston area to provide a safer environment for law enforcement activities. logan airport remains open under heightened security. most flights departing and arriving on schedule. greyhound bus service has been suspended. dagen: thank you so much. it is not just boston. this will be felt in the northeast. thank you so much. connell: a briefing any moment from local authorities. you will see it live. you will keep you up-to-date as we have been on what is happening in the markets throughout the day. mike baker joins us on the telephone right now. former cia covert operations officer and president these days of his own intelligence firm tha
playing out right now. we have live pictures of watertown, massachusetts, where you see law enforcement authorities going door-to-door, trying to comb through every corner of that town, trying to find the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. we are joined on the phone by philadelphia police chief john timmony. as we look at these pictures, john, the painstaking process of trying to run down a killer. tell us what you know about the approach here as they have to try and lock down an entire swath of territory and find this guy. >> yeah, well, obviously, you may have heard the chief ed davis speaking to reporters and making no bones about it these are terrorists. the fbi has more information than we have presently. one police officer is dead and another seriously injured and the other guy looks like a suicide that he was going to be taken out. he didn't want to live. the second guy gets away. what we have here even though the body count may not be big in terms of the 9/11, you do have a spectacular event that garnered worldwide attention. they have managed the last four or five d
in some areas, especially in watertown, massachusetts, where a suspect is still at large and clearly extremely dangerous. but the latest information about the suspects, what does that tell you? >> well, it tells me that honestly these guys probably don't lack the sophistication that people started imagining when we were just talking about the pressure cooker bomb. it was very, very simple and not much to it. they had obviously planned a lot out. i think that's how the fbi and boston authorities had been approaching this. although they now thought they recognized two, who knows how dangerous they could be, what else they could have set up, improvised explosive devices on their body they were carrying. this shows these two had thought a lot about this for a long time. we saw some of that planning with the precise placing of the bombs right there at the finish line. >> yeah, the brazenness and just pure sickness of their actions. even from video at the bombing showing them literally looking at the scene, the carnage as it unfolded instead of running away from it. also, possibly any sign
in a backyard in watertown, massachusetts, and then it ended with a genuine cheer. all those first responders, cops, firemen as they exited town, the town that was terrorized by a gun battle in the streets last night, they were all cheered and they had a chance to shine, bask in the glow of joyful citizens who were just thankful they came in. they rode in to save the day. kate snow was there amid all of it tonight. and she is joining us tonight to start it all off. kate, good evening. >> good evening to you, brian. let's remember what this week has been like, a week that seemed like it would never end in boston. on monday, of course, you had the devastating bombings at the marathon. a couple days later, last night the fbi holds a press conference showing video and pictures of two key suspects and asking the public for help. the first sign of major development came 10:00 p.m. eastern time thursday. about five hours after the fbi news conference. individual yes showed one of the suspects at a convenience store. a special task force done berelli. >> at the end of the evening, we were confident w
, massachusetts, where we have bill and also where we have scott, they are on lockdown as well. people are being told to shelter in place, as you well know. and as a result of this, law enforcement authorities are very hopeful that they will be able to conclude their search by going door to door. last check, they had about 70% of that accomplished. we're still waiting for an afternoon briefing. we don't know when that will occur. but in the early morning briefing, they did say there were new developments they were trying to run down and firm up and they would bring us those at the afternoon briefing. of course, as you know, things are changing quite rapidly and as a result of that, that briefing may get pushed back once again. so, that's what we know at this point. and they came, the suspects, as you know, came from an area in russia quite close to chechnya. we are still translating those tapes that we got from the father, an interview that he did with reuters. it's in russian, we're translating it. a number of the family members have been speaking out with very diverse opinions on this whole si
>> bill: there is a killer on the loose in boston, massachusetts. what will relearn when this briefing gets underway? keep it right here on fox. i'm bill hemmer live in boylston street in boston. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is is a fox news alert. we are awaiting a new briefing in massachusetts look at the microphones. search for the most wanted fugitive in america right now. he is the subject of an intense manhunt tonight. a search that's playing out live and in high definition on global television. authorities in and around boston are looking for 19-year-old a college student suspected of involvement in monday's deadly marathon bombings. his older brother previously known as suspect number 1. his name skarnaev was killed in a shootout one of them in america more than a decade. before the press conference begins. mike tobin is in watertown tonight, good evening, mike. >> bret, there really seems to be just one core activity taking place on the streets of water town and that is that door-to-door search that's being conducted by state troopers. it's being c
's marathon bombing killed overnight. police searching for the other in watertown, massachusetts, right now. west of boston. hundreds of thousands of people in neighboring cities and towns are being asked to stay behind closed doors. all trains, buses and taxis in the boston area have been taken out of service. authorities now say suspectswer from be the u sel years. >> bob orr is in washington. been following the story all morning. good morning. >> good morning again, charlie. the focus right now is on the manhunt which is centered in watertown, massachusetts. and it's an urgent press by authorities. they know the man they are looking for is very dangerous. and potentially armed with explosives. we know he has weapons and we also know if the fbi is right and he's one of the two marathon bombers, we know he's demonstrated a willingness to kill and maim. this is a picture from the brand new fbi bulletin. the man's name is dzhokhar tsavraev. his family came from chechnya, and he and his brother carried out the marathon bombings. the older brother, as you mentioned in the beginning, tamerlan,
. it would extend out to theextent eastern massachusetts area.massc this will be a worldwide investigation. we will take -- we will go to the end of the earth to identifo the subject or subjects who arer responsible for this despicable crime, and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. >> investigators are asking foro photos and video from anyone near the finish line yesterday hoping they may hold a clue as to who carried out the attack. officials are going through surveillance video of businessev in theeo area fame by frame. janet that pol napolitano, thera there's no evidence that the bombings were a part of a bigger plot. security will remained ramped up as a precaution. pr 170 people were hurt in the boston marathon bombings. some the physical evidence at the process is being processed in virginia in quantico. >>> tonight the unbelievable nightmare continues in area hospitals today. doctors an d nurse right sided nurse ri working round theght clock to d to the victims. vic doctors in massachusetts general say thmaey performed severall amputation and removed shrapnel. >>
back! >> back up, back up, back up. >> we are following breaking news out of massachusetts right now. residents in water town being told to stay inside and keep their doors locked following a major standoff there. th the boston marathon bombing we know suspect number one is the black cap is reportedly dead. the other believed to be suspect number two white hat still on the lose. police now on the hunt. they say a man in a black t-shirt armed and dangerous. police calling the suspect a terrorist and quote came here to kill. >> this started before 11:00 last night when mit massachusetts institute of technology campus police officer was shot and killed after responding to a report of a disturbance on campus. >> he was apparently shot and killed in his vehicle we are hearing from local police. police responded to a car jacking event at a convenience store that led into a massive chase on to the streets of watertown. that's where the two suspects reportedly began throwing explosive devices at police officers. these guys are armed and extremely dangerous. one is dead in the hospital. >> th
conference just held in watertown, massachusetts. where this massive man hunt is under way. the governor the police commissioner just spoke letting people know that this is going to take time. they need people in watertown and the surrounding communities to stay inside. but they said quote they are making significant progress. they are warning, how far, that this could be awhile. possibly hours. they say they are checking data bases and moving around as they are trying to make sure they get the second suspect in custody. there has been so much information coming in about this man hunt and about the suspects in just the last several minutes. we do know more about the suspect at this point. they are being identified as brothers from help help that. one still on the loose. the one in the black hat was shot dead overnight. on the right side of your screen you have the other suspect the man they are looking for at this hour. that man is 19-year-old joe carson yeah. i want to take you how we got here. those pictures we just showed you were released about 5:15. last night there was a robbery of
>>> our breaking news coverage continues here on cnn. i'm live here in boston, massachusetts. i'm jake tapper. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. what a night. what a night it has been. a massive dramatic police operation unfolding just outside of boston this morning. they are going door-to-door looking for a man who fits the description of boston marathon bombing suspect number two. that is the man seen wearing the white cap in the photos you have been looking at. listen. >> what we are looking for right now is a suspect consistent with the description of suspect number two, the white-capped individual who was involved in monday's bombing of the boston marathon. >> they have also revealed that suspect number one is dead. you may know him as the man wearing the black hat in the photos. this is a warning, people near watertown, massachusetts, eight miles outside of boston, are told to stay inside. do not answer the door unless the people at the door can clearly identify themselves as law enforcement officials. this mayhem unfolded overnight starting with a shooting
) >> the manhunt for the boston bombing suspect is residents of watertown, massachusetts celebrate and applaud authorities for the dramatic capture. police were alerted to the suspect's whereabouts by a watertown man who saw blood on a boat in his backyard. been a bit suspect is still in hospital. his condition is serious at this point. we are or to wait and find out more information and why this happened in the first place from this live pure joy people around boston found ways that the reign of terror had braced the city for one week was over. >> i feel like i can go back to school and know that i am safe. (chanting 'usa) >> the deadly attack on the boston marathon are no longer a threat to 26 year- old died after a gun shot with police on early friday. his younger brother. dzhokar tsarnaev to was a shootout with police and he was taken to the same hospital when his older brother where his older brother died. >> this was truly an intense investigation. as a result of that justice is being served for the victims of these terrible crimes. for >> reporter: while these images continu
massachusetts, and none of those leads have been fruitful to this point. there's much left to be done, including ballistics and forensics work that we'll be concluding in boston in the next few days. we also have a scene up here, forensic scene where we had some exploded -- unexploded ordinance there that were made safe and removed during the course of the afternoon. that is still ongoing, but should be completed shortly. we are going to draw back our tactical teams. but the state police will be providing additional patrols to the town of watertown over the next about two to three days, for the neighbors and the citizens community we're going to have for the chief an additional ten state police patrols augmenting the watertown police in those neighborhoods, three shifts a day, probably through monday. so again, i want to emphasize, this is a complicated investigation that's being led by the fbi. our presence here today was about the safety of the people in the community. we're confident that we did that to the best of our ability. unfortunately we don't have a positive result at this point. but
-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was discovered in watertown, massachusetts, just north of boston. he was wounded. we might be able to presume that he was wounded in a ferocious fire fight that he was involved with with police last night but he was apparently discovered hiding in a boat that was behind one of the residents' homes and the f.b.i. and the boston police have captured him. he left the scene in an ambulance a short time ago. the suspect has been captured, wounded but alive. bob orr has been following events with his sources in washington and as we watch these live pictures, bob, i'd like to bring you in. what do you know that's new? >> reporter: well, scott, i think there's a real question now. there's no question the suspect is in custody. this is the right guy. everyone now agrees across the board. but i think the real question now becomes what is his condition? we've held back in reporting some things for a while for a couple of different reasons but i can now tell you that at the scene of the shootout last night there was the beginning of a blood trail this which told investigators pre
the world, as well as our partners in the boston police, atf, massachusetts state police, and more than 30 agencies of the boston joint terrorism task force ensured that all responsible for the bombings will be brought to justice. more importantly, it was done to ensure the future safety of the city of boston, the commonwealth of massachusetts, and the country. indeed, through that process, the fbi developed a second suspect. today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a very detailed analysis, a photo, video and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect one and suspect two. they appear to be associated. suspect one is wearing a dark hat. suspect two is wearing a white hat. suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion, just in front of the forum restaurant. we strongly encourage those who were at the forum restaurant who have not contacted us yet to do so. as you can see from one of the images, suspects one and two appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd, on boylston
massachusetts pamela brown. back to you. just to recap things. authorities believe the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings are responsible for a night of chaos and bloodshed in the boston area. >> one was killed in a police shootout. >> the other is on the loosed and is considered armed and dangerous. manhunt isy a 20 block area of watertown, mass. under lock down. please explain how the events unfold. we have a sound bite. >> at about 1030 last evening a robbery took place at a 711 in cambridge. subsequently after that, and mit police officer was shot on campus and has expired as a result of the wounds. >> there was a carjacking that took place as well. this was in cambridge involving a mercedes s u v. that car was ultimately discovered here in watertown, pursued by the watertown police department. >> the police pursued went into a residential neighborhood where there was an exchange of gunfire between watertown police, and two suspects in the s u v. >> during the course of the pursued several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in an exc
more americans. we begin in watertown massachusetts where moments ago shots were fired we are of life from the scene with the very latest. >> in the last five or six minutes shots were heard with the massive police response and armored personnel carriers, a s.w.a.t. teams and ambulance as well as dozens of police cars screaming down the street police helicopter up in the air this occurred half an hour after the police and governor patrick ended a police conference admitting it seems that dzhokar tsarnaev got a way they could not establish a perimeter during the firefight which he and his brother had carjacked the car firing at police at the same time while throwing out the pressure cooker bomb last night and he fled on foot the captain said he believes the suspect is still in massachusetts and called on him to give himself up. shortly after that ended shots were heard and we have no specific details but the response was immediate this comes as authorities have lifted the shelter in order affecting 1 million people. imagine that americans sitting in lockdown sitting in their homes not
of massachusetts told the people of boston do not go to work, do not go to school, stay in your homes, keep the doors, locked, do not open the door to anyone but a uniformed police officer. that precipitated a house-to-house block-by-block search of about 20 blocks in the watertown and cambridge area. we have seen heavily armed, heavily armored police officers, federal agents, even national guardsmen as they search this area. about two hours ago, the shorts came out for their first substantive news conference to tell us what was happening all day and they essentially said they had lost the suspect, had lost his trail. the search of that area turned up nothing and they called on the suspect to give himself up. it wasn't 30 minutes after that press briefing that we got word that a man had been discovered in a boat at 67 franklin streets shots had been fired and the police converged on the area and that is where this story is frozen in time at the moment. we verified for multiple sources that there was a man around the boat, in the boat, that shots were fired but we don't know in which directi
monitoreando la situaciÓn que tiene lugar en boston massachusetts, donde esÁa la situaciÓn en mÁxima alerta, donde el fbi, la policÍa local, unidades ante terr istas agentes federales estÁn recolectando escombros, para que le den pistas. y que estaban filmando con sus telÉfonos celulares y sus cÁmaras la llegada de los atletas cuando esto pasÓ y le piden al pÚblico que continuen enviando estos videos, porque cualquier detalle que puedan sacar de allÍ, pueda ayudar a resolver este rompecabezas. >>> y normalmente sintonicen el noticiero nacional telemundo marÍa celeste aparminutos despÉ que ocurriera estas 2 explosiones en boston en el merecen de boston, 2 explosiones ocurren en la meta de la marathon de boston, 2 muertos, mÁs de 86 heridos es el saldo inicial que nos presentan las autoridades en este momento de noticiero nacional telemundo. >>> y estamos viendo como algunas partes de boston tratan de volver a la normalidad y mientras se preguntan quÉ llevÓ a todo esto. si se trata de un grupo especÍfico organizado si fue un individuo con una agenda personal. que estÁ buscando a
, massachusetts. 17 of these people are said to be in critical condition. the fbi is leading the investigation right now. there's no known motive and no one is in custody but authorities are looking into several active leads. overnight they executed a search warrant at revere, massachusetts. 2:50 p.m. was the first explosion. the second explosion coming just 12 seconds later. this is what it looked and sounded like. that scene, you can see it, just chaos, confusion. police scramble to respond. >> get all units in this city to this scene now. >> i have multiple people down here, okay. i don't know what the cause is. stand by. >> okay. all available. >> tango 911, we have another unattended backpack at boylston. get people away from it. >> some of those people who witnessed the carnage, i have talked to many of them, they have tried to help. >> this big explosion took place in front of me and then i saw this big cloud of smoke and my first instinct was to just run across the street and start helping people. >> your sleeve is bloodied. >> my pants, my clothes. >> show me that flag. >> the flag, t
of massachusetts. >> the fbi intelligence agencies are involved in an intensive search for evidence. two and only two explosive devices were found. >> they were crudely made. they appear to have been assembled inside a pressure cooker. >> a common type of explosive. >> a low powered explosive. >> it was really, really loud and chaos. >> pandemonium, everybody started running and screaming. >> you could run in any direction. >> the past 24 hours, this city of boston has shown its strength and determination. >> we know our neighbors, grieve for them. we know the heroes, also. boston will overcome. >> reporter: tonight, here in boston, we are learning much more about the investigation of yesterday's explosions on boylston street. the bombs were pressure cookers containing shrapnel hidden in backpacks or nylon bags detonated by timers. fragments of nylon were found at the bomb sites from the bags that held the explosives. investigators found pieces of what they believe to be b.b.s and very small nails thought to be the shrapnel from the bombs along with what they think are pieces of a pressure cooker
right now as we speak on the streets of massachusetts. >> when we spoke earlier, we were talking about whether there could be other people involved in this. in terms of how an investigation is going on, clearly they're trying to capture this second gentleman. is there a parallel investigation going on around other people still? >> there may be. it depends on what the investigation uncovered before this all happened. so, you know, there's teams of agents that have different aspects of this investigation. that's what they've been assigned to do. some of them have been working on the conspiracy, other people's theory. some have been focused on catching them. there's a lot of different tentacles to their investigation absolutely conquering right now. they'll have some answers in pretty short-term. we don't have to speculate any more. >> let me ask you one other question, which is you have to imagine that law enforcement wants to take this second gentleman alive. and how do you do that in a situation like this given what too much overnight with the first and the idea that they could be trap
'll be back shortly. thank you. >> law enforcement officials in massachusetts right there with an urgent alert. they are asking everyone, everyone in the city of boston and its surrounding suburbs to stay inside. it is an ongoing situation. a fast developing situation according to the police commissioner. i'm here with dan abrams, our "gma" legal analyst. what an extraordinary move right now, the entire town asking everyone in the city of boston to stay iide. can youimagine, american city, now being told that everyone should stay inside. it just shows you how seriously they're taking this. this is not just about a criminal suspect. this is about someone who is a danger to the entire community. and, again, the questions that still need to be answered are so voluminous including are there others out there who he's connected to and i think that's as much of a concern as anything. yes, they want to capture this guy. yes, they want to stop him but they know who he is. it's the unknowns that i think for law enforcement here which are even more frightening. >> to pierre thomas on that. we heard the
they are talking about the entire boston metro area from watertown, massachusetts and the surrounding communities it's really a race to keep up with all of the information coming in. you have upwards of 10,000 officers. you have state police you can see on your screen there and you have every agency and feds out there trying to make sure that they track down this man they consider armed and dangerous. the one thing they have asked cameras to do and we expect the video to change is that they have asked the media boston police specifically they say do not show our tactical positions. we do not want the suspect what we are doing, where we are because it would compromise the safety of the officers. i know from covering these kinds of situations what you want to do is make sure you show people at home watching all over what is happening without certainly compromising the tactical operations of what officers are doing. this has been the scene in boston in that watertown area and that whole area around massachusetts since over night since the shootout began. and this chase and the search went ongoing fo
in eastern massachusetts and none of those leads have been fruitful to this point. there's much left to be done, including ballistics and forensic work that will be concluding in boston in the next few days. we also have a scene up here, forensic scene where we had some exploded and unexploded ordinance there that were made safe and removed during the course of the afternoon. that is still ongoing but should be completed shortly. we are going to drawback our tactical teams but the state police will be providing additional patrols to the town of watertown over the next two to three days for the neighbors and the citizens in this community, we're going to have for the chief an additional ten state police patrols augmenting the watertown police in those neighborhoods, three shifts a day, probably through monday. so again, i want to emphasize, this is a complicated investigation that's being led by the fbi. our presence here today was about the safety of the people in the community. we're confident we did that to the best of our ability. unfortunately, we don't have a positive result at
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